Social Wellbeing

There is something special about doing things in teams, it brings a sense of community and creates deeper bonds.

Supporting teams in the workplace

Social activities amongst team members leads to better collaboration and conflict resolution. Co-workers who connect on non-work subjects develop trust and better communication methods, increasing their efficiency and confidence to innovate in their roles.

% of employees

Report that the stress they experience at work is having a negative impact on them
Agreed that feeling lonely at work has affected their mental health

According to recent reports, companies that invest in employee social wellbeing experience a 24% increase in employee engagement and a 17% decrease in turnover rates.

Our approach

Our workshops help create a sense of caring and belonging among employees which is particularly important for those in a hybrid/remote work environment.

Painting Workshop
Ceramic Workshop
Cooking Workshop
Juice Making Workshop
Gardening Workshop
Workshops: 60min | 90 minutes

Our wellbeing expert will deliver a fun and impactful  workshop that will help enhance communication skills, promote a sense of community, and improve team morale.

What We Offer

Increased Employee Engagement

Implementing wellness programs demonstrates that employers care about their teams, leading to increased job satisfaction and engagement.

Positive Return on Investment (ROI)

While wellness plan require investment, studies have shown that they can deliver a positive ROI. The cost savings outweighs the expenses associated with implementing and maintaining wellness plan.

Better Team Cohesion

Collaborative activities like group workshops encourage teams to interact outside of their usual work tasks, strengthening relationships and teamwork.

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