Financial Wellbeing

 Your team will develop the skills and knowledge to build their financial security and to help them achieve their goals.

The impact of financial stress on the workplace

A clear correlation has been identified between financial health and overall wellbeing. 

There is evidence that poor financial health affects employees’ physical, mental and social wellbeing, which can cause reduced effectiveness, productivity and absence from the workplace.

% of employees

Admit to wasting a fifth of their time at work worrying about their finances
Report low knowledge about financial matters
Of all UK adults do not have a plan for their finances in retirement

"Financial stress costs the UK economy £120.7 billion and 17.5 million
hours were lost due to absence from financial stress."

Our approach

The benefits of supporting employees with financial stress are significant. An effectively designed employee financial wellness programme can help employers reduce a key barrier to productivity and motivation in the workplace.

Financial wellbeing is about making the most of your money from day to day, dealing with the unexpected, and being on track for a healthy financial future. 

Financial expert led seminars 
Financial expert led workshops
Financial 1:1 coaching
Bespoke Seminars & Workshop: 60min | 90min
Our financial expert will deliver an impactful seminar that will help your team gain the skills and knowledge to improve their financial wellbeing and achieve their goals.
1:1 Coaching Sessions

Our financial experts work with individuals to build knowledge and confidence around their financial situation. Each session is tailored to an individual’s unique situation to build clarity of their financial goals and build a personal action plan for success.

What We Include

Access to financial professionals​

Workhug gives everyone in your company access to their own professionally-qualified expert to meet online or onsite either on a 1:1 consultation session or during one of our seminars.

Personalized financial advice

Our experts run interactive, bespoke seminars on a range of subjects including how to create a financial plan, saving for a house deposit, planning for retirement and explaining their existing employee benefits.

Greater employee retention

Almost 8 in 10 UK employees take their money worries to work. Providing financial support to your team can help them make better financial decisions and improve their financial confidence.

Attract talent

Offering a comprehensive financial wellbeing service can help you to remain competitive and retain your best talent.

Take the first step
towards financial wellbeing

We can’t wait to help your team be the healthiest, happiest and very best version of themselves.

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